May 11, 2018

CNC-1000 Alu – Paper tray complete plant



Anistek Mechatronic offer the most advanced, efficient and flexible complete plants for the production of aluminium foil or paper food packaging trays.

The plant is equipped with:

  • Decoiler unit with a capacity up to 1.2 m diameter of the coil and 1060 mm width
  • Screw servo press capable of fully programmable working cycle; this press is able to produce smoothwall, airline, wrinkle-wall, pet food, paper trays for food and non food use. Manual adjustment free thank’s to a complete free-motion cycle programming
  • Scrap tensioning and collection system
  • Ultra fast unloading system staking unit (available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6  lines), with self-adjust of tray size.
  • Remote control and teleservice
  • Fast mould slide-out system
  • Air tank reservoirs
  • Maximal energy saving technology

Able to produce up to 500 pcs/min the CNC-1000 plant is the massive and flexible production solution for the most wide range of products:

  • Wrinkle Wall
  • Smoothwall
  • Folded
  • Airline
  • Pet-food
  • Multi compartment
  • Oval plates
  • Candle
  • Paper trays
  • Paper dishes

Enquiry now for a custom solution! , or have a look also to our MONO500 compact plant

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