June 28, 2019

Aluminum coffee capsules

Anistek Mechatronic has developed the tool for deep drawn forming of the famous shape of Nespresso (R) compatible capsules.

The technology is unique and exclusive, with maximum level of quality and repeteability. The capacity of production of Anistek machinery could vary from 6.000 pcs/hour up to 30.000 pcs/hour. The molds developed can be applied in both our servopress machines, with a specific accessories like stakers, robots and visual inspection systems (quality control).

Nespress Capsule

For more information please enquiry to coffee.capsules@anistek.com

Nespresso Capsule


Deep drawing technology developed.

In addition to the standard DEEP-DRAWN capsule forming we developed also the necessary technology to make the flange tooth forming into the same single closing of the press. This means no tranfer of the capsule between multiple forming steps (and the possible lost of efficiency into production), simply a close/open of the servopress to get the finished capsule.

An additional advantage of this process is the reduction of the necessary raw material required. In fact there’s no need to make a capsule taller and consume more material.

Nespresso Capsule with Tooth forming

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