October 18, 2018

Stacker STK-C


The STK-C series Staking units are the latest innoovation on the market, one of the main problem over the stahking unit is time to setup.

With the unique design of the STK-C is possible to setup in few minutes the perfect working of the stacking. Also the automatic running is completely reliable thank’s to the innovative “one way” technology.

All the altrenate movements are eliminated, this mean:

  • No lifter UP-DOWN movements, just a lifter always moving down, no risk to crash-back the lifter
  • No accumulation pistons, the lifter is extremely fast, this do not require accumulation
  • No push-out piston, a flat and stable conveyor belt will drive softly out the staks, no risk to fall.
  • Height level input adjustable to match the output level form the tool
  • From 1 to 6 lines configurations
  • Different width of the main conveyor belt

In addition all the STK-C units can be equipped with automatic size adjust system: this will automatically setup the size of the tray that need to be stacked by the pression of a button on the touch panel:


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