September 21, 2015

MONO500 Alu tray complete compact plant


The unique in the world all-in-one high-speed compact production plant

 * Single cavity * or * Double cavity *

* 120 Pcs per minute *

* All in one *

Want to know how to save 30% against other production solution?

Want to discover how to save 70% over a range of 15 different moulds shapes?

Want to understand all the unique benefits coming from this design?

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Mono 500 all in one compact aluminium foil containers making machines for the production of alu foil trays for food packaging

Uncoler + feeding + servopress + staking + scrap collection

all in 80 x 250 x 190 cm !

MONO 500 is the fastest aluminium foil trays making machine in the world. We reach with maximum efficiency of running more than 120 strokes per minutes with a 450 ml size container.

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